Friday, October 4, 2013

To Speak With Any Person That Is Dead

Earlier today I was challenged on a certain matter – or at least felt challenged – and after initially responding, I broke open the Grimoire of Arthur Gauntlet to double-check just how much necromancy is in it. (I was correct in remembering that it was quite a bit.)

Immediately upon opening the book, however, I noticed one of the smaller sections that I had previously missed. And immediately became deeply amused.
Bibliomancy, how does it work? LOL.
To Have Conference with Spirits: –

To Speak with any person that is dead:
Go into the churchyard on a Friday at night at 12 or 2 of the Clock And Walk round about in the Alley 6 times And when you come to a Corner Stand still And say the Lord's Prayer and the Creed And before you have gone 6 times about you shall meet them that you would speak with As they were wont to go.”
- The Grimoire of Arthur Gauntlet, Edited by David Rankine. (P. 288)

It's followed by some of the
Fairy Conference rituals, which also may involve ghosts...

And then I noticed something just as amusing:
To Go Invisible:
Take the water of Fennel and go unto a Ants hillock Saying 9 Times putting down the water on the hillock:
Conjuro te Belzebub hostem domini nostri Jesu Christi ut redeam in Lapidem per quem eum invisibilis.
- The Grimoire of Arthur Gauntlet, Edited by David Rankine. (P. 300)
There are a few other invisibility spells in that section of the book, all of which look fascinating and some of which I will clearly have to mess around with. It is immediately followed for spells to be used in conjunction with magical plants – Valerian and Vervaine – that look incredibly awesome, too.

I have to give Mr. Rankine due credit:
he has armed us with a most excellent Grimoire, and highly useful rituals and spells insofar as a certain type of practitioner may be concerned. Honestly: I cannot recommend the book enough.

Be seeing you,